Hi there, and if you have made it to this page, it is likely because you saw the link at out Main Page. This is the page where we will mention our Mission Statement, as well as some other key things about this wiki that you should know.

First off, The Rules (Dun-Dun-Dunnn)!

  • Be respectful of other editors and this wiki
  • No Vandalizing, and absolutely no editing of another person's User Page
  • Make sure you use language appropriate for our younger friends
  • If you feel that you are contributing a lot to Madden Wiki, then tell me on my discussion page. I'll maybe make you an Admin or something of the sort (Yay! Power!).
  • HAVE FUN! Its the entire point of this Wiki

Also, talk to your friends about this wiki. Help us make it grow, after all, a wiki is a group effort.

Warning! Edit

There is another, closely related, wiki called Madden Wiki. Note that this Wiki is called Madden NFL Wiki. Big Difference. (I know, I know, our logo only says Madden Wiki, my mistake)

If you found that one too, and noticed the similarities between the two, you'll see that they are nearly identical. Thats okay, because it was me who made those edits. Hence no issue going on. That wiki has halted to a stop. Stay Away from it. It bites.

Mission Statement Edit

Ahem. Thou oneselves, whom namedupon Madden Wikipedia, state that we, as liberated and free-thoughtof, state that we art a mission to be accomplished as grated reighned of the area of source asof knowledge of Madden electronic entertainment.

Whoops, sorry, that was the late 16th century version of our Mission Statement. Hold on.

We, Madden Wiki, just want to be the very best source of info on the Madden video game series.